Spanish Tutoring, Spanish Classes, and ESL

We teach all levels beginners to advanced, all ages, and all backgrounds. The four skills that are emphasized throughout each level are reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Group Lessons

We offer 8 week sessions that meet once a week for an hour and a half. There is a minimum of 4 people per class and a maximum of 10 within each group.

Price: $175 per 8 week session.

Privates and Semi-Privates

We offer private and semi-private lessons for all levels and tailor each 8 week session to fit the individual’s needs.

Privates Price: $395 per session

Semi-Private Price: $215 per person per session


We offer individualized tutoring for all grade levels as well as all ages including Spanish SAT and AP Test Prep. (Quote available upon request.)


We translate from Spanish to English or vise versa; translating anything from business documents to marketing paraphernalia, medical, and legal documents. (Quotes available upon request.)


We offer hourly services between two parties without bias. With our knowledge of the culture as well as language we will be able to provide a better understanding of what each party needs or wants. (Hourly quotes available upon request.)

Business Representation

We represent your business in the desired language (English or Spanish) in any meeting or event  with poise and professionalism. (Quotes available upon request.)